A Healthy Challenge

26 Nov

Challenge your family to be healthy this month. Here’s how:

Try a New Food

Every month, let your kid try out a new healthy food from the grocery store. You want your children to grow up with good eating habits, so introducing them to different foods (and limiting the processed items) can help them now as they grow and later in life when they make their own diet choices. Once they pick out this new healthy food, have them help you prepare it for the next family meal.

Have Dinner as a Family

After spending the daytime away from each other, it’s good for everyone to sit down to share stories and connect while you do get time to be home together. However, we all know how busy life can get with work, after-school activities, and errands. That’s why you can challenge your kids (and yourselves!) to sitting down together for a meal despite whatever else is going on at least three times each week. For those who work late, it’s okay for the kids to stay up late a night or two to have dinner as a family. Give them a snack after school and make sure their homework is finished before dinnertime.

Unplug and Get Outdoors

Challenge your family to get out for a walk or bike ride before or after dinner. It gets everyone outside together and shows children the importance of daily exercise. Even playing a quick game of tag or croquet in your backyard may help keep your kids more active and healthy.

Written by Dr. Karen Francois



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