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Why School Suspensions and Zero-Tolerance Policies Are Bad Ideas

31 Oct

By Laurie Berdahl, M.D. & Brian D. Johnson, Ph.D. Teachers and administrators must deal with a myriad of behavior problems and threatening situations at their schools. Zero-tolerance policies focus on automatic punishment via suspension or expulsion for breaking rules, whether intentionally or unintentionally, no matter the reason or situation. These policies have resulted in huge Continue Reading

Kick Childhood Cancer

26 Oct

Tech Tackles Cancer, an initiative by the global tech community to cure childhood cancers, has teamed up with St. Baldrick’s Foundation for a $100 million campaign to raise awareness for the cause. The campaign will kick off on November 7 at Lansdowne Pub in Boston with one of St. Baldrick’s signature head-shaving events. Anyone can Continue Reading

I Can Wait

24 Oct

By Carol Band   Some people complain about waiting. Not me. I like it. Waiting is doing nothing. And I like doing nothing. I am in the dentist’s waiting room. By some miracle of time and space, perhaps a worm hole at the end of my street, I have left the chaos of my kitchen Continue Reading

Manners Matter

20 Oct

Everyday manners challenge many people today, young and old.   People want to do the right thing when it comes to etiquette and formal situations, but sometimes to have difficulty mastering these tasks. Manners do not have to be difficult and challenging. With a little help, anyone can learn good etiquette. Coaching should start at an Continue Reading

Getting Kids to Talk

16 Oct

By Tim Hawkes Talking to teenage children can be a challenge. Getting the heavenly constellations right – busy parent, distracted child and topic of interest is not easy. Small wonder some researchers are suggesting that meaningful conversation between parent and teen is being measured in only a few seconds a day. There are things that Continue Reading

Say Good-Bye to the Toddler Mealtime Witching Hour!

13 Oct

There is nothing more exciting than watching your precious little one have her first taste of real food. This is typically a big milestone for babies and parents alike and a well-documented one at that! Baby books are bursting at the seams with pictures of little ones placing a palm full of puréed goodness into Continue Reading

Forgiveness for the Non-Sporting Soul

11 Oct

By Kara Martinez Bachman I don’t care for sports. I never have. During childhood, I spent my time roller skating and riding bikes with kids from the neighborhood. I was active, but it wasn’t the competitive, organized kind of active. One summer my mother signed me up for soccer. I spent the practices – the Continue Reading

10 Tips for a Teeth-Friendly Halloween

7 Oct

With Americans purchasing approximately 600 million pounds of candy each year for Halloween, many parents are sent into a tailspin of questions on how to balance this fun-filled tradition with dental-friendly choices for their children. “Dental health doesn’t have to prohibit having fun this Halloween,” said Dr. Kyra Schirk, dentist at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Continue Reading

Give Back

5 Oct

As parents we may find ourselves occasionally grumbling about the morning chaos of getting the kids to school, exorbitant amounts of homework or PTA meetings that seem to drag on forever. But what we have to stop and remember is how lucky we are to have the opportunity to give our kids an education, a Continue Reading

Vote No on Question 2

3 Oct

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Boston Parents Paper and its staff.   Parents are always facing difficult choices: breast milk or formula, cloth diapers or disposable, cry-it-out or co-sleep? As our children get older, urban parents face a choice that grows more controversial Continue Reading