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The Stress Bump: Challenges of Being Pregnant

30 Aug

By Alice D. Domar, Ph.D. There are many misconceptions about pregnancy. People believe all sorts of myths: the way a woman carries predicts what gender baby she is having and the more citrus foods a woman eats before she conceives, the more likely she is to have a girl. Although there is one study which Continue Reading

If We Lived on a Farm…

29 Aug

By Carol Band My son Lewis is at the kitchen table eating Froot Loops and reading the back of the milk carton. It’s organic milk, the carton explains, produced by cows whose blissful days on the farm are described like a spa vacation. “Why can’t we live on a farm?” Lewis asks with a newfound Continue Reading

Top Five Latin Myths

24 Aug

By Amy Barr Choosing a language to study at home can be stressful. No matter what you pick there will be a heavy time and money investment due. The study of classical languages is alive and well, so no doubt you have considered Latin. Is it just a passing trend? Some wonder what’s so great Continue Reading

Wing It

22 Aug

August is full of offbeat holidays that put the emphasis on kindness (Global Forgiveness Day and Just Because Day both fall on the 27th), but we’re particularly digging Be an Angel Day, which is celebrated on August 22. What a simple, sweet and fun way to remind your children about the importance of doing something Continue Reading

Tips for Students with Disabilities Who Are Heading to College

15 Aug

Back to school time is just around the corner, which means that it is the perfect time to start preparing for what’s ahead! Check out the following tips to make the transition to college seamless for students with disabilities.   Determine if college is the best option for you. Sometimes, traditional 4-year college is perceived Continue Reading

Lucky Lefties

13 Aug

Celebrate your favorite lefty this month! Left-Hander’s Day is designated annually for August 13. Did you know that girls are more likely to be left-handed than boys by about 4 percent? And mothers who are over 40 at the time of their baby’s birth are 128 percent more likely to have a child who is Continue Reading

Thumbs Up

10 Aug

If you’re exasperated trying to get your child to kick his thumb-sucking or nail biting habit, you might want to take a step back. A study published in the August 2016 edition of Pediatrics reveals that kids between the ages of 5 and 11 who are either thumb-suckers or nail-biters appear to have a lower Continue Reading

Something to Smile About!

8 Aug

Talk about an advancement in dentistry – scientists at Harvard University and the University of Nottingham have developed regenerative dental fillings that actually allow teeth to heal themselves. This is big news because it could eradicate the need for root canals (and if you’ve ever undergone that procedure you know this is something to cheer Continue Reading

What Olympic Athletes Can Teach Us About Autism

4 Aug

By Todd Harris The Olympics are on the horizon and athletes from around the world are gearing up to go for gold in Rio. But it’s more than just the triumphant finishes or amazing feats that captivate the world, it’s also the incredible origin stories: the days, months and years that go into preparing for Continue Reading

Everybody Counts!

2 Aug

Elizabeth Todd and her mother walk through their neighborhood almost every day. At almost 4 years old, Elizabeth loves to look for special things along the way: the carved figure of an Indian on a nearby roof, purple flowers in a particular garden, a bench tucked under the trees, a bright yellow antique car parked Continue Reading