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6 Parenting Tips for High School Graduation

30 May

By Joronda Montaño You have been waiting 18 years for this big day and it’s finally about to happen. High school graduation! Just like the day they were born, you have so much wonder. What will happen next? What will life look like for them 10 years from now? Tears of excitement, disbelief and even Continue Reading

On the Emotions of the “Out-of-Sync” Tween and Teen

27 May

By Carol Stock Kranowitz At recess, Emma, 9, refuses to participate in jump-rope or four-square games. Emma is over-responsive to movement sensations, which terrify her. She tells her friends, “I’m no good at that.” At the front door, Aiden, 10, waits for his mother to tie his shoelaces. He has dyspraxia, and sequencing the actions Continue Reading

Teacher “Thank You Bunches” Craft

23 May

School’s almost out for the summer and it’s time for your child to remind her teacher just how awesome they are. We adore this bright, colorful craft courtesy of that is sure to bring a little bit of cheer to any teacher’s desk. What You’ll Need: 4-inch clay flower pot Coffee beans, pinto beans Continue Reading

Vaccines May Get a Super Boost

20 May

New research out of Boston Children’s Hospital regarding “hypercharging” vaccines is pretty darn impressive, no matter your take on immunizations. The team reports finding a fatty chemical naturally occurring in damaged tissues that can actually ignite an astonishing immune response. This reaction sparks immune cells to reach what’s referred to as a hyperactive state that Continue Reading

5 Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Child’s Creative, Social and Emotional Skills This Summer

16 May

By Rosie Linder As the school year nears the finish line, children anxiously dream about swimming pools, days at the beach or lake, family vacations and other fun-filled promises of what summer brings. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive world, educators seem to advocate for ongoing academic education throughout the summer, robbing children of their so-called “summer Continue Reading

Swimming Tips from Olympic Athletes

13 May

Baywatch movie download USA Swimming Foundation ambassadors and Olympic medalists Missy Franklin, Cullen Jones,Jessica Hardy, Mel Stewart, Nathan Adrian and Jason Lezak are proud to share the following tips about safe water practices: “It’s not always easy for someone who is not comfortable in the water to take a swimming lesson. Be sure not to Continue Reading

A Child’s Journey Through Reading

11 May

By Patricia Nichvolodoff   There are so many benefits to reading of children that I’m not sure where to start! I think the first thing I would say, as a parent, that reading a book to your child creates a bond between the parent and the child. It is quality time spent that will last Continue Reading

Restaurant Renovations

4 May

If it feels like some of the eateries your family frequents are getting at least a little bit healthier with their kids’ options, you’re not imagining things – they are! A recent study found that restaurants are cutting down on calories in their children’s meals and offering veggies and fruit more often as a side Continue Reading

Fever Frenzy

3 May

If someone asks you to define a fever, the answer is more complex than you think. Boston Children’s Hospital is trying to get to the root of it with the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA), which includes the new Feverprints ResearchKit app for the iPhone. “Many factors come together to set an individual’s ‘normal’ Continue Reading