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STEAM Activity: Static Electricity

29 Feb

Blow up two balloons, then gather a bunch of different materials of varying textures (think aluminum foil, ribbon, cloth, foam and pipe cleaners). Rub the balloons against them. No static? Grab a sweater and rub a balloon against it, which will add electrons to the balloon, making it negatively charged. Now take that balloon to Continue Reading

National Parks = National Treasures

26 Feb

By Helen Colella Family size, ages of children, job security, personal finances, travel expenses, and the general status of today’s economy have forced families to re-evaluate their lifestyles, in particular their finances pertaining to the family vacation. In reality no matter where you live or what the size of your family may be, vacation plans Continue Reading

STEAM Activity: Tower Terrific

24 Feb

Kick off an interest in engineering for kids with simple activities that are a whole lot of fun and produce very different results from child to child, like the Straw Tower Challenge. Collect 10 straws (and only 10 – we mean it!) and some washi tape. Prompt your kids to build with the straws in Continue Reading

Do You Know How to Juice?

23 Feb

By Michael Hall, M.D. Is “juicing” a fad or is it here to stay? What is most important to know about juicing are provenance, preparation and combinations. Where is the food item sourced from, who is handling it, how is it processed, and what combinations of food are important medicinally? There are so many juices Continue Reading

Protect Your Family – Proactively Prepare for Emergencies

22 Feb

The potential for an unanticipated emergency to wreak havoc on our lives is a constant threat. Floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and a host of disasters can strike suddenly, putting your home, yourself and your family in danger. However, by planning now and creating an emergency preparedness kit, you can be equipped to respond to and Continue Reading

Social Apps Parents/Guardians Should Know About

16 Feb

Social Apps are an increasingly popular way for teens and adolescents to connect and communicate. However, there are some inherent risks with the ability to send anonymous messages and pictures. The latest research from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University shows that 80 percent of third graders and 93 percent of high Continue Reading

Support STEM Learning

10 Feb

For the past four years, Boston Children’s Museum has been partnering with National Grid and a federal Race to the Top grant to create STEM kits for distribution to early childhood educators.  The Museum creates and distributes the kits, then provides in-depth trainings to other museum educators and early childcare providers.  Why is the Museum Continue Reading

Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Christmas List (2016) subtitle english

8 Feb

Christmas List (2016) HD Director : Paul A. Kaufman. Writer : Duane Poole. Producer : Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie. Release : November 25, 2016 Country : United States of America. Language : English. Runtime : 84 min. Genre : Comedy, Romance, TV Movie. Movie ‘Christmas List’ was released in November 25, 2016 in genre Comedy. Continue Reading

Taking Care of Your Body During Winter Pregnancy

7 Feb

By Michele McRae Striving to take the best care of your body when you are pregnant is important any time of the year, but getting adequate nutrients to boost the pregnancy glow can be particularly challenging during the winter. Just like high-quality fuel keeps our cars running smoothly, a healthy diet with a wide-variety of Continue Reading

Cope and Hope

2 Feb

No matter how much we try to shield our kids from the evils of the world, they can’t help but hear about threats of terrorism and violence in the world. For this reason Boston Public Schools are stepping up their mental health services for traumatized children. The district is expected to receive a $1.5 million Continue Reading