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Tooth Truth

28 Jan

While the bodies of pregnant women are hard at work creating new human life for 40 weeks, typically their highest priority is maintaining their health for the sake of their unborn child. Interestingly, one very common health risk during pregnancy tends to fall by the wayside – gum disease. According to a report by the Continue Reading

Watch and Download Movie Beauty and the Beast (2017)

25 Jan

Beauty and the Beast (2017) HD Director : Bill Condon. Producer : David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman. Release : March 15, 2017 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Walt Disney Pictures, Mandeville Films. Language : English. Runtime : 123 min. Genre : Fantasy, Romance. Movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was released in March Continue Reading

Carbon Monoxide Safety

21 Jan

As we turn up the furnace at home, this is the season when deadly carbon monoxide poisoning moves Sleepless 2017 It’s an odorless, colorless and poisonous gas produced by the burning of fuel from automobiles, gas, wood- or coal-burning stoves, fireplaces, charcoal grills and furnaces. Early signs include feeling tired, headache, flu-like symptoms without Continue Reading

6 Food Myths That Are Making Kids Obese

19 Jan

According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity rates in children are twice what they were 30 years ago. Many parents are unsure why their child is seemingly unable to stop gaining weight. Dyan Hes, M.D., medical director of Gramercy Pediatrics, explains some of the common food myths that are making kids fat. “There is Continue Reading

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

14 Jan

  When the weather outside is chilly, this adorable Paper Plate Penguin will absolutely warm your heart. It’s the perfect craft for keeping little hands busy on a snow day. Ideal for ages 3 to 7 years, this project comes straight from What You’ll Need: Penguin template; White paper plates Markers or crayons Continue Reading

Get To Know Non-GMO

11 Jan

  As a mom, I know that food labels are our lifeline. They tell us what ingredients are present (e.g.,  a serving of veggies) or missing (no artificial colors or flavors). They communicate how much calcium (e.g., an excellent source or as % Daily Value) and other key nutrients that a serving provides. And they Continue Reading

Digital Eye Strain: Kids and Technology

7 Jan

By Cari Cannon As an optometrist as well as a parent, I have concerns about the amount of screen-time we are engaging in on a daily basis. Computers and hand-held devices have become a necessary part of our business and social lives. Did you know that time spent on digital devices now exceeds 11 hours Continue Reading

Overcoming Nutritional Barriers in Lactose Intolerant Kids

6 Jan

By Aradhana Pandey Does your kid feel gassy and flatulent every time he gulps down an ice cream sundae? The last time you let him devour a sundae, did he complain of stomach cramps and diarrhea? If you’ve answered yes, you should probably consider visiting a doctor about it. Your child may be suffering from Continue Reading