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Abolishing Allergic Asthma

31 Jul

If your child suffers from allergic asthma, you may already know that the medications used to treat the condition can eventually stop working. Fortunately, a study out of Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School appears to have found an alternative that could change the way allergic asthma is remedied. Essentially Continue Reading

Silly Spyglass & Binoculars

29 Jul

  Whether you have a pirate fanatic or adventuresome tot, this activity from is perfect for ages 3-7. What You’ll Need: Cardboard paper towel tube Collage materials Fabric and yarn scraps Safety scissors School glue Washable liquid tempera paint Paintbrushes Yarn Hole punch Craft tape Here’s How: For Spyglass: 1. Glue fabric around the Continue Reading

No More Whining!

24 Jul

  By Denise Morrison Yearian Many parents have been worn down by their child’s incessant grumbling and complaining. When whining wars ensue, experts suggest moms and dads explore the reasons behind the behavior, teach appropriate communication skills and set limits for acceptable conduct. “Children whine for a variety of reasons,” says parent educator Evelyn Keating, Continue Reading

Sight-Word Go Fish Game

20 Jul

  A game of Go Fish has never been more educational, courtesy of What You’ll Need: First 20 sight-words print out ( Cardstock Safety scissors Glue   Here’s How: 1. Mount two sets of the print-out on cardstock. Cut on the dashed lines to make two index cards for each sight-word.   How to Continue Reading

Create a First Aid Kit

17 Jul

If you don’t already have a First Aid kit handy, now is the time to put one together, particularly one specific to the summer months. With all the outdoor play our kids are currently engaged in, it’s super important to have all the tools you need to put out figurative fires that could hamper summer Continue Reading

Be a Quest Detective

14 Jul

Make a trip to Ravenswood Park or the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate even more special by picking up a Quest (or in layman’s terms: an outdoor scavenger hunt) through which you can learn more about the property and challenge your family at the same time. Typically you can find these Quest maps attached to the Continue Reading

Playground Safety

9 Jul

By Heidi Almodovar The playground represents more than just fun for our kids. It’s an excellent place for them to develop physical strength, balance and coordination. It enhances their social and problem solving skills. Unfortunately, though, more than 200,000 kids annually seek care related to playground injuries. These include broken bones, head, neck and internal Continue Reading

Blast Off!

6 Jul

On July 14, NASA will complete its New Horizons mission capturing the first close-up images of Pluto. It will bring a robotic probe within 7,800 miles of the dwarf planet, which is pretty darn cool whether your child is super into outer space or simply likes to look up at the stars. It has taken Continue Reading

The Maybe Pile

1 Jul

By Maryanne Curran About once a year I clean out the clothes closet in my bedroom. It’s not a job I enjoy. Yet, it is a job that is immensely satisfying when completed. I am neither a hoarder nor a compulsive shopper. Despite that, it amazes me how much stuff I accumulate through the year. Continue Reading