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Sun Smarts

28 May

While we should provide our kids (and ourselves) with proper sun protection year round, the summer months are as good a time as any to re-educate ourselves on the importance of being sun smart. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), just a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s chances of Continue Reading

Safe Ways to Keep Creepie-Crawlies at Bay

25 May

By Dana Morgenstein Every home, no matter how spotless, occasionally has uninvited visitors: bugs! With the rise in environmental concerns, many families are looking into chemical-free ways to keep unwanted critters out of their homes, food, beds and so on. Here are some safe, inexpensive and environmentally friendly tips on coping with common indoor insects: Continue Reading

Fire Up the Grill

21 May

As we honor the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces this Memorial Day (May 25), many of us will be celebrating by dusting off the grill and launching into barbecue season. Try some of these easy DIY ideas to make your unofficial start to summer a sweet one: Continue Reading

DIY Craft: Father’s Day Card

20 May

  Make this cute Father’s Day card craft for dads and grandpas from What You’ll Need: People Shape™ project kit  available at Or make your own by tracing a gingerbread man cookie cutter or drawing the shape, about 8 inches long. Decorations (contained in the project kit, such as felt, buttons and sequins) Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Books for Your Child

18 May

By Janet Hamilton When I was growing up, I often came home from the library with the same favorite books. My mother suggested I try Louisa May Alcott, who had been one of her favorite authors. I dutifully plowed through Little Women, Little Men, Rose In Bloom, Jo’s Boys and Eight Cousins, but never really Continue Reading

Helicopter Parenting vs. Drone Parenting

15 May

Parenting author Stacy DeBroff explains Helicopter Parenting vs. Drone Parenting in the informative interview below. Describe Helicopter Parenting and Drone Parenting? Approaches to parenting are constantly evolving as the world changes around us. In recent years, the trend among some moms and dads has become increasingly attentive. Known as Helicopter or Drone Parenting, these parents Continue Reading

National Bike Month

13 May

May marks National Bike Month and there’s no better time to strap on those helmets and go for a family ride. According to the League of American Bicyclists, Massachusetts is the 10th most bicycle-friendly state in the country. Brush up on your bike safety with these tips: Obey the rules of the trail you’re riding Continue Reading

Flower Power

11 May

If April showers bring May flowers we should be in for a real bloomfest. Take the kiddos for a gander around the Boston Public Garden or the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. You should find varietals like peonies, irises, stargazer lilies, snap dragons and gerber daisies, which are all typically in abundance each May. Give Continue Reading

Today Is Clean Up Your Room Day

10 May

Now here’s a wacky holiday parents can get behind – Clean Up Your Room Day. The orderly occasion falls on May 10 and is the perfect opportunity to enlist kids in picking up after themselves to make those rooms spotless (or at least a couple of notches above pigsty). After all, you never know when Continue Reading

How to Make Soup Kid Friendly

8 May

By Larissa Phillips Rainy days are a great time for one of the most effective, time-worn methods of soul restoration known to mankind: Soup is on! There’s nothing like it when it’s dinner time and you’re ladling out this incredible steamy goodness that you made hours, days or even weeks ago. What’s not to love? Even Continue Reading