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Mom Seeking Employment

29 Apr

By Suzanna Parpos It is a heroic fight waged by mothers (and these days, some fathers) seeking employment after a hiatus of raising children. I know my voice speaks in unison with many other women who left working America to stay at home with their kids. Although there are variations in our stories, our struggle Continue Reading

Safety Around Animals

27 Apr

By Deirdre Walsh Most pets aren’t violent by nature and by following simple steps, kids can have fun with animals. A dog owner I met once offered a great piece of advice: “Always ask before petting.” I’m guilty of reaching out to pet a cute dog when I see one – it never occurred to Continue Reading

Caterpillar Craft

22 Apr

  Transforming an empty egg carton into a work of art is a fine example of recycling. Make this caterpillar from with your kids. Then use it to decorate your garden! Things You’ll Need: Empty egg carton 2 puffy pipe cleaner stems 2 wiggly eyes Flexible shapes Glue Here’s How: Cut the empty egg carton Continue Reading

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

20 Apr

Give your kids the day off of school on April 23 and show them what real work looks like! Now in its 22nd year, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is more than a “career day,” according to its sponsoring foundation bearing the same name. “Exposing girls and boys to what a parent Continue Reading

Calling All Patriots

17 Apr

  Dedication, determination, perseverance and endurance – all values we want to teach our kids. On April 20, Marathon Monday, head out to show your family’s support for the 30,000 runners competing in the 119th Boston Marathon, the oldest annual marathon in the world. You’ll also want to tell your kids what happened April 19, Continue Reading

Childcare & Preschool Parent-to-Parent Advice

16 Apr

We asked, “What’s your best advice to parents who are searching for childcare or a preschool?” Here’s what local parents had to say:   Start with NAEYC [National Association for the Education of Young Children] accreditation for centers, then go touring and interviewing. – Karen Bell Drop by for a visit (not a scheduled tour.) The sights, Continue Reading

Mom and Pop-ular

14 Apr

By Carol Band “Mom, Colin is scared of you,” my son Lewis reported “Who’s Colin?” I asked. “He’s that kid who was over yesterday after school – the one with the mohawk. He thinks you hate him.” “Because of his mohawk?” “No, because you didn’t look up from your computer when we came in yesterday. Continue Reading

Kids’ Chores & A New Way to Get Your Kids to Do Them!

8 Apr

  By Elizabeth Handley If you had asked Thomas Lincoln about his son Abraham, he probably would have told you that Abraham was a lazy kid. This was because Abraham, determined to escape the hardscrabble existence of his farmer father, neglected his chores in order to read everything he could during every waking minute available Continue Reading

Early to Bed, Later to Rise

6 Apr

By Amy Lage Do you have an early bird?  Our tips to teach your child it’s better to wait until later to catch the worm! I receive at least one email a week from a flustered parent whose child is waking every day at 5a.m.  Their child is otherwise a great sleeper – going to Continue Reading

Easy-Does-It Seedlings

1 Apr

You don’t need soil or pots to start seeds – just a couple of coffee filters and a zip-type baggie. Dampen the coffee filters (not too wet) and place a seed in between. Then put the filters and seed in the bag, zip it closed and set it in a warm spot or hang in Continue Reading