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Nanny Taxes and Payroll

29 Jan

By Stephanie Breedlove Families that hire a nanny to watch their kids are understandably focused on finding the perfect childcare professional for the job. But after the interview process is done and the family has found the right caregiver, the responsibility of tracking payroll and taxes begin. Many Massachusetts families are unfamiliar with what rules Continue Reading

Snow Day Indoor Activities

27 Jan

  By Kathleen Rudnicki, M.Ed. The snow is falling fast and hard. You know what might happen. You watch the early morning news and sure enough, your child’s school is closed for the day. The Snow Day is a kid’s best friend, but what’s a parent to do with a little one cooped up inside Continue Reading

The Gap Year

26 Jan

By Carol Band Until recently, I thought a gap year was a payment plan at the orthodontist’s office or maybe a short-term sentence given out by the fashion police to be served folding blue jeans at the mall. But now that I have a son who, as his guidance counselor so tactfully phrased it, “is Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Craft: Huggable Heart

23 Jan

  By Cheryl Crosby Each Valentine’s Day, my daughters send a Valentine’s craft to family members. This heart craft with extended “hug” arms might be one of my favorites (they were 2 and under 1 for this). What I love about this project is that there are unlimited possibilities to how you design it, what Continue Reading

Managing Childhood Emotions

21 Jan

By Dr. Donna Housman As parents, if you were told there was one thing you could do to greatly improve your child’s social and intellectual development, would you hesitate? Our children’s ability to control their emotions is critical to their own social and cognitive development. And how we as parents react to and manage our Continue Reading

Cookie Recipes for Allergies

20 Jan

Having a food allergy when there are so many desserts and treats at parties is very difficult, especially for children.  If you are looking for a great allergy friendly cookie recipe for kids (and adults!), try one of the recipes below: Sugar Cookies (Dairy, Egg Free) Ingredients ¾ cup dairy free shortening 1 cup unsweetened Continue Reading

Moving On!

18 Jan

By Beth Alexander Walsh My husband and I thought we were headed for retirement from the job of parenting. We both noticed that when our daughters, now 21 and 22, each reached sophomore year in college, they would rebuff our suggestions and inquiries. Our oldest daughter essentially gave us the message: “It’s been really nice, Continue Reading


16 Jan

By Carol Band My husband and I went out to dinner with another couple last night. They drove because their car is nicer and their back seat isn’t full of crushed crackers, muddy soccer balls and dog hair. Plus, they have a new Global Positioning System (GPS) that they wanted to try out. Harris and Continue Reading

Five New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Family

14 Jan

  By Alyssa Koomas The holiday season and New Year often prompt individuals to take on new challenges and discard undesirable behaviors from the previous year. Why not make 2015 resolutions a family affair? As parents and children adjust their routines to go back to school after their break, these simple “New Year’s Resolutions” will Continue Reading

Just the Two of Us

12 Jan

By Phaea Crede I’m raising my 2-year-old son with someone who has a very different parenting philosophy than my own. Sure, we’re on the same page about the important stuff like vaccines, but it’s the minutia that trips us up. For example, that other parent insists on establishing lots of rules and limitations, whereas I Continue Reading