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Side-by-Side Teeth Brushing

30 Aug

“I like to ask kids in my practice if their parents brush their [own] teeth, and a surprising number tell me ‘no,’” says John Fisher, DDS, of the Better Oral Health for Massachusetts Coalition. While Fisher says he knows it’s not true, it brings up the point that if kids don’t see parents brushing, they Continue Reading

How Proper Nutrition Can Prevent Sick Days

26 Aug

By Danielle Shea Tan   It’s back-to-school time! Don’t you just love the routine, the crisp autumn air and fun sports outings? While parents look forward to the return of school each September, we also cringe at the thought of back-to-school germs. Some years, it seems like no sooner had the kids gone back to Continue Reading

Bonding with My Son Through Minecraft

24 Aug

By Mark Cheverton   When we first bought my son the game Minecraft, I helped him load it on the computer, create his user name, Gameknight999, select his character appearance and off he went. At first, he played it on his own, but soon he was calling us into our office so that he could Continue Reading

Color Me (and My Daughters) Pretty with Zoya Nail Polish

23 Aug

Just this past weekend, I treated my girls to a pedicure at the salon. Knowing that many nail polishes have harmful ingredients, I brought along their favorite Zoya polishes. I’ve been using this brand since I was pregnant with my first child, and since fingers (and sometimes toes) end up in mouths, I’m even more Continue Reading

Tips for Protecting Your Child from Mouth Injuries During Sports Season

22 Aug

By Steven D. Spitz, D.M.D. It’s that time of year again. Kids are headed back to school and for many, looking forward to joining a competitive school sports team or after-school fall league. With the multitude of options available based on student’s interests – cheerleading, football, gymnastics, basketball, hockey, and more – it’s no surprise Continue Reading

Boston Kids Are Completing Chores and Learning Responsibility

21 Aug

Thousands of Boston area children not yet able to punch a time clock have been hard at work around the house completing chores, earning a reward and learning how to save, share and spend money wisely. “There is plenty of debate going on whether children should be doing chores around the house or not,” says Continue Reading

10 Decorating Ideas for Dorm Rooms

19 Aug

By Mabel Sterritt   You’ve packed up the car, you’ve hugged Mom and Dad goodbye and now you’re stepping into your dorm room for the first time. Feeling a little underwhelmed by it? Many college students lament having to live in dorm rooms; they feel like prison cells and are often cramped and crowded. Sound Continue Reading

The Importance of Saying “Hi”

17 Aug

By Jim Castrataro As I sit in my office on this beautiful winter day with a clear blue sky and a dusting of snow on all the trees I am reminded of just how great of a place New England is to raise a family.  With so much to do and see, the adventures of each Continue Reading

Learning to Self-Feed

14 Aug

By Deb Hurowitz Being a parent is hard. So is being a kid. I’m here to make it easier for you both. Today I would like to start with a topic that affects every parent, across a spectrum of ages, stages and needs: food and eating. This is such a broad topic, it will take several posts Continue Reading

10 Tips for the Back-to-School Season

12 Aug

By Mabel Sterritt The back-to-school season is almost officially here! School supplies lists from teachers have been arriving in the mail and there are tons of ads for back-to-school shopping. Where do you start when preparing to send kids back to school in the fall? Here are 10 tips to ensure the erasure of back Continue Reading