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Have To, Want To, Need To

30 Jul

By Deb Hurowitz Our children are involved in so many activities … even the parents who intended to be less rushed, find the activities list growing alongside their kids. School, religious school, lessons for instruments, academic or artistic pursuits, play dates, sports and more. How do you organize the time so that there is a Continue Reading

How to Help Children Manage Emotions in a Healthy Way

27 Jul

By Jude Bijou MA MFT As every parent knows, youngsters are good at expressing their emotions. They cry when a need is not being met, have a temper tantrum when they feel denied, and shiver and withdraw when they’re fearful. After expressing their emotions spontaneously and physically, they pause to re-evaluate and recover, and then Continue Reading

An Invitation to Run

24 Jul

By Janice Henderson A coach and one simple invitation can inspire strength, self-confidence and a lifelong love of sport in a child. That’s all it took for me. At age 7, I learned Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) was responsible for the pinching and grinding ache in my left hip. In the beginning stages of the Continue Reading

Divorce: How Mediation Can Benefit Kids

20 Jul

By Jennifer Bancroft DaSilva and Carolyn Baker Ringel   The Divorce is Finalized, the documents are filed, it’s all done….right?  Not always. When Post Divorce Mediation Can Be Right For You The divorce is finally “official.”  All the hard work and painful processing has paid off; you are both now ready to go your separate Continue Reading

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

17 Jul

By Caitlin Dougherty The recent outbreak of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease in Massachusetts preschools, camps and day care facilities has parents wondering how you can prevent your child from contracting Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease, what to do if your child gets Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease and how to prevent their sibling from Continue Reading

Caffeine and the Effects on Children

14 Jul

By Jennifer Hanrahan Once mistakenly thought to have an effect on children’s growth, caffeine is now known to have affects on the central nervous system. As fancy coffee chains populate our city streets, the consumption of caffeine seems to be growing with even young children sipping on coffees and lattes, in addition sodas and energy Continue Reading

Let the Animal Finding Begin!

10 Jul

By Maryanne Curran So you’re planning a trip to the Stone Zoo – again! This easy game will make your next visit even more fun. Have your kids identify and then perhaps take a photo of each of these animals using the following clues: This bird is the symbol of our country. – eagle This animal Continue Reading

What Are Dental Sealants? They Help Prevent Cavities!

7 Jul

By Dr. Van Orenstein Want to know one of the best ways to NEVER HAVE A CAVITY!! “Hey mom, I have no cavities!” These are the words that kids, parents, and dentists alike are proud to hear blurted out twice a year. I personally get a kick out of seeing a little fist pump with Continue Reading

5 Fun Outdoor Summer Trips for Kids of All Abilities!

4 Jul

By Amber Bobnar Sunny skies and warm weather are perfect for playing outside. But for families who have children with special needs, planning a day trip can be a bit more complicated. Is your child in a wheelchair? Do they have any sensory issues? How about a hearing or vision impairment? If you said yes Continue Reading

How to Treat Lice

1 Jul

We asked Lice Aunties to answer our questions about lice, lice treatment, lice in our homes and what else we need to be aware of if our children get these pesky little critters in their hair.   What do parents need to know about lice? First of all, make sure your child actually has a case Continue Reading