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Keep The Home Fires Burning

29 Apr

By Karen Voci On one of my worst days ever, I was hunched over a stove in Home Ec class trying desperately to save a white sauce that smelled like a campfire. Twice a week, Miss Patterson tried to teach us to cook as if our lives depended on it. And in her world, they Continue Reading

Healthy Fruit Roll-Up Recipe

26 Apr

Try this recipe for blueberry fruit roll-ups! By Jennifer Hanrahan Who remembers fruit roll-ups? Those foot long, colorful, gummy snacks that everyone would roll out at snack time. I tried making them at home and they came out pretty yummy! These are made with only two ingredients; so that means no additives or words you Continue Reading

Making Time for Playtime

23 Apr

When my 3 year old son Aarav started daycare last year, the routine was that I picked him up after work which was not before 5:30 p.m.. By the time we got home it was 6:00 p.m. and we would both be tired, hungry and cranky! With barely any time for the necessary routine of Continue Reading

A Children’s Book … for Grown Ups?

20 Apr

By Jean Ciborowski Fahey PhD Delicious memories of snuggling up with my toddler for reading time remind me of two of my favorite children’s picture books. Mama Do You Love Me?  written by Barbara M. Joosse and illustrated by Barbara Lavallee was a story about an Inuit daughter who tested her mother’s unconditional love. And then Continue Reading

Ear Infections on Planes

17 Apr

By Mark Vonnegut, M.D. Is it safe to travel with a baby or child who has an ear infection? Absolutely! The pain from a middle ear infection is as bad as it’s going to be right at the outset, which is why kids often wake up screaming. The middle ear is a very small space, Continue Reading

Lessons from the Express Line

13 Apr

By Carol Band My nephew is spending the semester splicing DNA in a genetics laboratory at MIT. My neighbor’s kid is working with underprivileged children in South Africa and my best friend’s daughter is interning at a brokerage house. My son is bagging groceries. He works on Saturday mornings and after school two days a Continue Reading

Time Out

10 Apr

By Carol Band Bam, Bam, BAM! My neighbor’s 6-year-old son was firing Nerf gun pellets against the door of his parents’ new Audi. BAM! His parents intervened with a display of parental discipline rarely witnessed these days. “That’s a TIME OUT!” they ordered and sent him into the house and up to his room. His Continue Reading

April – Oct. Is Tick Season

1 Apr

Protect your kids from Lyme disease-transmitting deer ticks with these tips from Jenny VanAmburgh, clinical professor at the Bouve College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University’s School of Pharmacy. 1. Have kids wear light-colored clothes that cover exposed areas, particularly arms and legs. Tuck pants into socks or boots, and be sure cuffs are snug Continue Reading